Acraglass GEL

Acraglass GEL

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Over the years we have had hundreds of customer requests for an epoxy accurizing compound with a butter-smooth consistency which would neither run, drip or leach out from between wood and metal after being placed in the gun stock. After many years of research and testing, we perfected a modified version of our popular Acraglas that gives the same super accurizing bedding job and also meets those specialized smooth application features you have asked for.

Acraglas Gel was designed to take advantage of the latest technological advancements in epoxy research. It has the best possible advantages built into it for those that want a butter-smooth type of Acraglas. Nylon derivatives are formulated into Acraglas Gel and provide greater "thin strength," shock resistance and stability over normal temperature extremes. Slightly less shrinkage than that of Acraglas, which has an amazing 1/10th of 1%.

1-to-1 mixing ratio gives a stable, molecular lattice structure to Acraglas Gel that will not crack, craze or sugar-out as will other 1-to-1 epoxies. Plus, this exclusive, 1-to-1 mix ratio, by volume, simplifies mixing and measuring small amounts accurately. 

Slightly longer pot life to give the user more time when doing the actual bedding. Longer cure time - The molecular structure of Acraglas Gel has been controlled so for the first few hours after the epoxy sets it remains slightly flexible, some of which flexibility is retained when fully cured.

Readily blends with atomized aluminum, steel and stainless steel particles, thus making it possible for the user to create his own reinforced epoxy whenever such type epoxy is desired. Standard mix for optimum results is 1 part metal particles-to-3 parts mixed Acraglas Gel by volume.

Can be dyed the same as Acraglas to match the characteristics of the gun stock being worked on. 

The above features of Acraglas Gel give you an idea of how completely we fulfilled your requests for a companion product for Acraglas... the Acraglas Gel stay-in-one-spot feature... sophisticated molecular structure... slightly longer pot life and curing time... the ability to mix in aluminum or steel, make this a product we are proud to offer to you and which, of course, we guarantee 100% as to quality of product, or your money back.


Because of the characteristics of the lattice, molecular structure of Acraglas Gel, the advantages of glass floc are already incorporated in the finished epoxy so the addition of floc is not recommended or needed.


Atomized (finely powdered) metals can be added to Acraglas Gel to increase both tensile and compression strength along with increased impact resistance. This feature allows you to duplex-bed guns using reinforced Acraglas Gel where the recoil lug contacts the bedding and either un-reinforced Acraglas Gel or regular Acraglas for the rest of the bedding. These metals can be added in ratios ranging from 1 part metal to 4 parts of mixed Acraglas Gel, all the way up to 1 part metal to 1 part of mixed Acraglas Gel. We offer four metals in atomized form:

ALUMINUM - Very malleable with excellent machinability for easy drilling, tapping, shaping; polishes to a light gray finish.

STEEL - Offers a full 10% increase in tensile and compression strength over unreinforced Acraglas Gel. Less machinable than aluminum reinforced; heavier, too. Resulting finish is a dull black that does not polish well and requires metal working tools for trimming or shaping.

STAINLESS STEEL - All the attributes of steel particles but with a medium gray finish and no fear of rust formation on surface of bedding.

BRONZE - Between aluminum and steels in workability; finishes to a "metalflake" highlighted, medium brown color and shapes easily using same tools as aluminum. 


* 2 fl. oz. (59 mL) resin
* 2 fl. oz. (59 mlL) hardener
* 7/8 fl. oz. (26 mL) release agent
* Measuring spoon
* Reusable poly mixing dish
* Mixing stick
* Brown dye, black dye
* Complete instructions

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