DAA CED 1911 Toolkit

DAA CED 1911 Toolkit

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Brand: CED
Product Code: CED 1911 Tookit
Price: $29.95
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The CED 1911 Toolkit is designed to provide the necessary tools to completely disassemble Colt 1911 and many similar style guns, such as Springfield, Para-Ordnance, Kimber, Auto Ordnance, and others.

The CED 1911 Toolkit will also handle many of the "after market" accessories used on these guns including extended magazine catches, adjustable rear sights, and recoil spring guide rods.

Guns are expensive items, and most owners take pride in their appearance. Nothing will ruin the appearance quicker than screws damaged by ill-fitting screwdrivers. The CED 1911 Toolkit has the optimum sized tool blades, hollow ground to preserve the appearance of the screw whilst providing maximum torque to remove even the most stubborn screw.

The handle of the CED 1911 Toolkit houses six uniquely different precision crafted tool blades, which remain secure in the handle at all times and therefore cannot be lost! Each tool arm locks into position in the center of the handle providing almost 3 inches of unobstructed view and working clearance.


* Revolutionary 6 in 1 handy toolkit 
* All you need to disassemble 1911 or similar style guns 
* Professional quality built to exceed U.S. Military specifications 
* Change tool blades quickly and easily with a turn of the dial 
* Fully integrated tool blades are permanently built into the handle 
* Compact size for easy storage in your pocket, car, or range bag

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