Lee Lead Hardness Testing Kit

Lee Lead Hardness Testing Kit

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Brand: Lee Precision
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The Lee Lead Hardness Testing Kit will determine the exact Brinnell Hardness Number of an alloy in a simple six step process.

The process involves pressing a hardened steel indenter ball into the bullet through the use of a standard single stage press. The indentation is measured with the Lee Pocket Microscope (included).

The measurement is located on the supplied chart to determine the Brinnell Hardness Number. Never again waste time and components working with the wrong alloy. 


* 20 power, 4 lens optical microscope
* V-Block Cradle
* Calibrated hardened steel ball indenter
* Brinell Hardness and maximum pressure chart

Note: Kit must be used in conjunction with a reloading press. This die is a standard 7/8"-14 threaded die that will work in almost all reloading presses. 

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