Lee Production Pot Four Furnace 220 Volt

Lee Production Pot Four Furnace 220 Volt

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Brand: Lee Precision
Product Code: 90008
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The Lee Production Pot Four Furnace is a great furnace for any caster looking for a reliable furnace that features a deep pot with 10 pound capacity, Infinite heat control, 500 watts of power and a melt time of approx. 20 minutes. The Production Pot Four also sports a large, stable base for added safety and a generous 4" of clearance under the spout to accept all brands of bullet moulds and most sinker moulds. 


* Capacity: 10 Pound 
* Voltage: 220 Volt 
* Pot Diameter: 4" 
* Wattage: 500 
* Melt Time: Approx. 20 minutes 
* Function: Designed for melting and blending lead alloys for bullet casting 
* Notes: Features an adjustable flow valve

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