HIVIZ GP100 Ruger Fibre Optic Front Sight (GP2006)

HIVIZ GP100 Ruger Fibre Optic Front Sight (GP2006)

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Brand: HIVIZ
Product Code: GP2006
Price: $49.00
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  • Improves visibility in all lighting conditions
  • Interchangeable LitePipes to fit your shooting conditions and style
  • Exceptional low light accuracy
  • Carrying case and LitePipe key included


HiViz sights are machined from solid steel and feature fibre optic inserts for increased visibility. The steel portion of the sight has a square profile to decrease the time to acquire the sight picture. The fibre optic light pipe is recessed slightly to reduce the halo effect experienced with some fibre optic sight. The sight features interchangeable fibre optic light pipes to adjust to different shooters or light conditions, colours include green, red, orange, and white. Light pipe removal tool and storage case included.


Technical Information


Firearm Fit: Ruger GP100; expect with pinned front sight

Material: Machined steel

Fibre Optic Colour: Green, Red, Orange, and White

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