CZ CUSTOM HAJO Adjustable Rear Sight SP-01

CZ CUSTOM HAJO Adjustable Rear Sight SP-01

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CZ CUSTOM HAJO Adjustable Rear Sight SP-01


The CZ Custom HAJO, is click adjustable for height and drift for windage, competition sight, same sight picture as our familiar fixed models, but this sight with no modification to the slide fits in the “SHADOW ONLY” rear sight cut.

Angus has incorporated a positive click adjustment screw that will not move under recoil, this EDM sight will move approx 0.1 millimetre = 0.003 inch per elevation click.

In the neutral position it will give 0.5 millimetre = 0.019 inch of Up and DOWN elevation. This is plenty of adjustment to get that shot elevation exactly where you require it.

The front sight required is a 7.5mm tall post (when measuring, start from the base of the front sight).


* Notch width .120” / .095” deep
* Weighs 25.88 grams

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