MAGPUL The Art of the Dynamic Shotgun (DVD)

MAGPUL The Art of the Dynamic Shotgun (DVD)

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Magpul Dynamics adds to their tremendously successful line of hard-hitting training videos this program to help you develop a combat mindset for operating a shotgun under stress. Instructors Travis Haley and Chris Costa show you how to deploy this powerful defensive and tactical weapon in over five hours of actual live-fire class instruction, problem-solving exercises, and complex, real-world scenarios.

Disc 1 focuses on safety, zeroing, patterning, grip and stance, combat reloads, speed reloads, slug changeovers, vehicle storage and readiness, and other basic skills.

Disc 2 covers shooting positions, live-fire scenarios for transitions, addressing threats from outside the direct line of attack, shooting while moving, vehicle take down, officer down, K9 foot pursuit, 3-gun competition, and specific home defense considerations.

Disc 3 addresses the evolution of the shotgun, action types, gear and accessories, ammo, sights/optics, weapon-mounted lights and other enhancements, before rounding out the coverage with dozens of quick-reference drills for a variety of shotguns, including the different scenarios law enforcement, military, and civilian personnel are likely to face.

Available in region-free, standard-definition, anamorphic wide-screen format DVD.


* Region Free 
* 5.4 Hours Running Time

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