American Gunsmithing Institute Springfield XD / HS2000 (DVD)

American Gunsmithing Institute Springfield XD / HS2000 (DVD)

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The Springfield Armory line of X-treme Duty pistols has enjoyed tremendous sales and a loyal following in the few years since its introduction in 2004.

These Croatian designed auto-loaders, originally imported as the HS2000, are a combination of the best features of several pistols. These features include the polymer frame of the Glock and the grip angle of the 1911 Colt.

Our "Ace" gunsmiths Bob Dunlap and Ken Brooks were very impressed with this gun in their "Bench Review" of it in volumes 7 and 8 of our Inner Circle video magazine, "GunTech". Our field testers were also pleasantly surprised and pleased with it in volume 9.

The design and function, complete disassembly/reassembly, cleaning and troubleshooting of these excellent pistols is covered by Bob Dunlap in his usual inimitable style. This course is applicable to all variations and calibers of this pistol.


  • 75 minutes running time

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