Shooting Chrony Beta Chronograph

Shooting Chrony Beta Chronograph

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Every Shooting Chrony chronograph measures the speed of airgun pellets, shotgun pellets, bullets and paintballs. Velocity can be measured from 30fps (feet per second) to 7000fps and with better than 99.5% accuracy.

Your Chrony can go with you anywhere. Just unfold, mount on a tripod or place on a table, insert diffusers (if needed) and shoot.


* The Beta Chrony Gives numbered shot velocities, and velocity stays on display until you shoot again
* Uses 9 volt alkaline battery with 48 hours of continuous use
* You can flip between fps (feet per second) and mps (metres per second) with the flick of a switch
* Delivers measurements and statistics such as High, Low and Average velocities, Extreme Spread and Standard Deviation
* You can retrieve individual shot velocities and statistics
* 60 shot memory
* You can delete individual shots, with automatic adjustment of statistics
* Built-in option of larger shooting area
* Folded Dimensions 19cm x 10.3cm

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